Life gives us many choices to choose for ourselves, but choices made in unawareness are mostly not meant for us. Have you ever observed the chirping sound of a bird, the rustling of leaves, the earthy smell after rain? If you did, you were just “being” in the most simple yet natural experiences of life. The time slips away like sand from the hand in a blink to notice the beauty around. We rush through our days, so engrossed in our work, weighing, assessing, judging, lingering in the past, or anticipating the future, and repeat it every day like a robot devoid of feeling the nature in and around.

When you start doing an activity that makes you uncomfortable, you don’t like it, but still, you work upon it. This helps cultivate consciousness that slowly seeps into our lives; in one way, it is the reality, experiencing the very moment. More than being aware of your actions, it’s about appreciating life as it unfolds. Sadhguru, in his speech, once said-“There may have been some moments in your life when you truly felt compassion towards someone or something. In those moments, all your personality, who you are, what you are, everything would have melted. Nothing would have been there. You are simply there in the moment”.

So, consciously following your action, “your bliss” is what follows you; it’s nothing extraordinary. It’s as simple as dancing to your favorite song, lingering over a loving message, enjoying a beautiful piece of music, cycling to your favorite place & doing all that your heart says in that very moment. When this happens, our perceived idea of unhappiness dwarfs, and our disappointments look smaller than we thought. The negative chatter in our mind takes a back seat. You consciously become aware of your actions & thoughts, reconnecting to the moment; you’re in, to the beauty and the bliss around you.

Kashish Tiwari