All creative thinkers and writers embody a split personality. But in no way do they portray a false persona. The closer one gets to them more astonishing they appear. At times they get bombastic in depicting the duplicity of this world. But who are they? Fascinating, aren’t they? These creatures create a facade to indulge with worldly desires, sometimes up to the level of amalgamation. But they never lose their mind and always know what, why, when, and how? And, slyly sneaks amid all the commotions, to enjoy the date with self. They seek inspiration in doing to understand the vagaries of human life by injecting themselves as a test specimen.

In whichever way you leave them, you may always expect the best out of them. Even in plucky moments, their engraved feelings carved out in anger and frustration may seem beautiful. Or their splendid narration of a love story maybe just a figment of their imagination. A writer lives in his world of metaphors and remains secluded only to infuse every corner with his thoughts. And at the end, after playing the other side of his character while savouring every moment of life. He finds himself in the reflection of his thoughts. A writer never dies, nor he lives alone, he leaves behind his imagination in an illusionary world.