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These natural forces…

These natural forces will strip you down to your soul and make you realise how vulnerable you are even though it may leave you unpunished but will you remain untouched and unharmed from the nasty and creepy thoughts you sow in your subconscious mind….?

The power of now

If we ponder on our thought process, we unsurprisingly most of the time either mourn over past or dread the future. It takes a lot of courage to shun useless and nasty thoughts coming into our minds. And, it’s plausible to feel anything about the situation, which is naturally subjective. We can’t always be optimistic when we firmly believe that this may never happen. Being realistic about the situation is more important than nudging into the dead zone.

The cascade of thoughts coming from nowhere is worth to be taken care of lest it would make us blind. What we see and listen is what we believe; however, we can’t generalise it. According to the author and Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman in his famous book “Thinking, Fast and Slow” says that most of the impressions and thoughts arise in our conscious experience without knowing how they got there.

The surrounding has the most significant impact on our impressions. The exposure to a healthy environment is the genesis of good thoughts; however, much to our chagrin, we can’t always control it. Instead, we can take charge of the feelings it engenders. The author stresses on the fact, “A Human mind is very poor in contradiction. It usually creates a false story for us to believe. When we get surprised, the world of System 1(fast, intuitive, and emotional) gets violated then the surprise activates and orients the attention to System 2(slower, more deliberative, and more logical), which thus searches the memory for a story that makes sense of the surprising event.”

We cannot prevent System 1 from doing its job, and sometimes it gives a false impression. The only way to resist the illusion is we must learn to mistrust our perceptions thus preventing it from transforming into a belief on pretence. It might be tricky, but questioning our thoughts and acting on it now might change our attitude towards an activity in the long run.

Are you a Procrastinator?

It is pretty tough to follow a healthy regime. However, when you shrug off the weight of procrastination, the results are awe-inspiring. Despite technical prowess, an ever-increasing desire for largesses and negligence are also some vitriolic takeaways from our evolution. But we surely haven’t inherited these traits. Because our ancestors were not privileged, they had to foray for food risking their lives. Sarcastically, the idea of risk and flimsy-flossy words masquerading our ignorance never existed that time. Every day was a survival mission. In juxtaposition, now its the mission survival for our mother nature and our degrading immune system.

In a book, “A Mind for Numbers” author Barbara Oakley speaks about how procrastination badly affects our daily lives and why it is crucial to get away from this feeling. According to the book, we focus more on the outcome of an activity rather than the process. And, the dread of completing the task drains much of our energy, which is why we usually skip an activity that asks us to unhook from indolence, redirecting our lazy system in vaguely justifying our actions

Our mind is such a powerful machine that it may make you believe something which never exists in reality. It is very sophisticated yet fails to change the status quo and some hardwired facts. If we trick a mind the way it does most of the times will be productive. When you start questioning your thoughts and focus more in a moment, you will find that all it was required is to take the necessary first step. And once the cover is blown, you are set free to achieve something which you always wanted to with least effort.

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