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Chasing light…

I close my eyes
To see the light
In the darkest night

That’s not alright
Losing my sight
Falling inside

You catch me in a flight
And hold me tight
Try escape the plight

I have no might
To walk right
So leave me in a tide

Sailing through the highs
I can see the shore burning bright
Or it’s a fire inside 

Which ignites
To chase the light
However far it invites ...


Sojourn II

I lost sense of time as if I was sleeping for eternity, and then I woke up by the sudden rush of water splashing my face. I gulp a large share of air to coalesce with this magnificent surrounding. I decided to sit for a couple of more hours to replenish my energy reserves. I am contemplating that last night, with impaired vision, things were seemingly dangerous, which often aroused a sense of trepidation. However, the reality is startling different in the light as everything seems adorable now, even though it is taxing. 

Aww! that was an amazing sight to see the fishes playing down the stream and a flock of some wild animals across the river basking in the sun, quenching their thirst, while some trying to cross the stream with many succeeding in an attempt while others waiting in the course for their kins to pull or encourage them to cross. I am surprised to see their ignorance of my presence. Do they feel like I belong to this place or am in complete sync with nature here? With a grin on my face, I saw the youngest one staring at me, and I couldn’t explain how it felt like. But animals are so shy and innocent and protective as he/she slyly turned away alarming the older ones. In a moment, all of them started noticing me. In their eyes, I can see what they are trying to say – let’s don’t trouble each other and peacefully coexist.

I passed almost a day on the rocks pampering myself and savoring the moment. I don’t want to leave this place, but I can’t stay either. Since en route following the river, I am unsure of the destination as to where it may lead. In life, one has to leave behind the things the way it is, as unaccomplished – which eventually makes them very attractive. I started this journey aimlessly and unleashed myself completely under god’s will. But the human mind behaves strangely; it doesn’t want to squander for a long time. It needs an objective to generate a drive to fire itself and work either consciously or unconsciously towards achieving it. 

Sojourn I

I am here in the middle of nowhere for quite a long time. The place is dark and horrible, calm and unnerving. I don’t know what time it is since I lost a couple of things down the journey, including my watch. I am not sure why I am here, what I left, and where I am heading.  Although, I was never scared of walking such places. But when it is finally happening, I feel numbness. It must be the reflection of my thoughts as I always dreamt of going past my previous life. Whether this pilgrimage will bring peace or not don’t know but right now, I am scared. It is so quiet that even I hear the reverberation of my breathing.

With my parched throat, I am desperately expecting a source of water to quench my thirst. I am moving at the edge of the gigantic dense pine forest as I see the moonlight glaring through the trees from my right at every step or two. And as soon as I hit the boulder, what I see is a massive stream at its magical best. It is rightly said when you really want something; the universe conspires for you to reveal it. I am standing on a rocky bank with a clear sky above, and I see the brightest star inside the halo of the sensual crescent moon. The gust of wind brought some fragrance that was bizarre and unfamiliar. If I sat, I am not sure to lift the heaviness of my beaten body again. I am dazed to see the water throbbing under the silver lining. But I chose to move forward not very far from and along the shore quickly after filling up the water bottle, be the star my guide. Beauty deceives many times, so word of the wise is to give a second thought. I wish I would have thought the same for some decisions that I took. Anyway, people learn from the mistakes, which make them human indeed.

I feel no more threatened under this vast wilderness rather I am worried about the profoundness of my thoughts that these rocks, rivers, trees, valleys, mountains can listen. With the sweet melody of morning birds, I see the new dawn inside the valley as I finally sit to welcome the sun. I never knew what the simple pleasure of washing tired feet and lying on the rock feels like. As I fall with my half feet inside the water, all my pains seem washed away. What if the moment freeze leaving out everything and get lost in the world of our ancestors. There are no calls and messages to reply and wait for, no meetings, no presentations, no formalities. It just only me and my solitude. With this thought, I finally sleep to wake up to the reality with a coffee. But the journey now actually begins. 

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