Life and death are two faces of the same coin; however, only once in a lifetime death choose us as if it has an agreement with the life that happens every day. Something which we already committed to is life per se. But usually, while going along with life, things get awry, and we turn ignorant. We push ourselves so hard in realizing our fantasies that life in itself oozes for help. We get so attached with the things as if our life hangs on them.

The world will thrive as usual without us; rather, it would be a better place to live. Thus relaxing and practicing sporadic aloofness from the chores is beneficial for healthy living. We are living in a dynamic world, and our existence is fragile. We can’t be so sure about anything where things change in a blink. From the minute we came into this world, we were vying for peace and happiness unconsciously. But it’s hard to find. Because it’s within, and we are looking outwards. In this ordered chaos being a modern yogi could be the savior, the one who knows the art of balancing attachment and detachment at the same time.

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Our existence is precious, and we must utilize our full potential. But ask for yourselves, is that all you were longing for, and is that it? Well, whatever it is, save some time to breathe. However, you will be elated for nominated in the league of so-called intellectuals at the end of the day. But, it doesn’t make any sense unless you did some very simple or, to some people, weirdest thing like thoughtlessly sitting for a minute or consciously reading this article.