I wish someone to understand me well,
As I am the person, you didn’t know that well……

Don’t take me wrong from the thoughts that misplaced,
I can only convince through my eyes that glazed…..

You may dumbfound to know about this matter and the fact,
But that’s what I felt while dreaming about you in zest…..

Forgive me for my acts when I go insane,
Trust me; I only try to make you feel happy and go peppy down the lane…..

It rejuvenates my soul while being with you,
And expects nothing but yells just wanna be with you…..

It seems plausible when you are high in zeal,
Overpowering the darkness engulfing my dreams…..

Though it’s tough for you to back my insight,
Still, I assure you taking safe whenever you are in tide…..

I wish someone once………..