I lost sense of time as if I was sleeping for eternity, and then I woke up by the sudden rush of water splashing my face. I gulp a large share of air to coalesce with this magnificent surrounding. I decided to sit for a couple of more hours to replenish my energy reserves. I am contemplating that last night, with impaired vision, things were seemingly dangerous, which often aroused a sense of trepidation. However, the reality is startling different in the light as everything seems adorable now, even though it is taxing. 

Aww! that was an amazing sight to see the fishes playing down the stream and a flock of some wild animals across the river basking in the sun, quenching their thirst, while some trying to cross the stream with many succeeding in an attempt while others waiting in the course for their kins to pull or encourage them to cross. I am surprised to see their ignorance of my presence. Do they feel like I belong to this place or am in complete sync with nature here? With a grin on my face, I saw the youngest one staring at me, and I couldn’t explain how it felt like. But animals are so shy and innocent and protective as he/she slyly turned away alarming the older ones. In a moment, all of them started noticing me. In their eyes, I can see what they are trying to say – let’s don’t trouble each other and peacefully coexist.

I passed almost a day on the rocks pampering myself and savoring the moment. I don’t want to leave this place, but I can’t stay either. Since en route following the river, I am unsure of the destination as to where it may lead. In life, one has to leave behind the things the way it is, as unaccomplished – which eventually makes them very attractive. I started this journey aimlessly and unleashed myself completely under god’s will. But the human mind behaves strangely; it doesn’t want to squander for a long time. It needs an objective to generate a drive to fire itself and work either consciously or unconsciously towards achieving it.