Few drops of rain stimulate some unusual sense of calmness. The eyes soaked in god-knows feelings on numerous monsoons, but this was magical. It was a hot and humid afternoon. And under the topsy-turvy ride of thought process, the weather never seemed soothing. The day was passive, and I gradually fell listless until I served myself an evening-tea. In my indolence, I sat in the balcony and with the last sip of luscious cranberry apple tea. The weather indeed decided to fill my heart with utter serenity amid thunderstorms. Nature, at times, appears to be ruthless, but the dawn of a new beginning usually celebrated on callous culminated nights. 

In a matter of minutes, the city’s hustle-bustle vanished in the downpour. All the creatures took shelter in their safe-haven and sat on vantage to savour the moment of bliss. And as soon as the shower splashed my face, the sparkling smile under the magnificent lightning rejuvenated the languished soul. Nature appeared to be complimenting it with flashes. The dribbling droplets down the body, reinvigorated the mood. And made me realize, however, worst the situation, nature has all the power to heal any wound. We can only appreciate the light if we see the darkness. Thus hold on to all the moments of pain and pleasure since nothing lasts forever.