At some point in time, you will finally realize that no one had ever left you; rather, you astray in an unchartered zone or foolishly stepped into a fiery pyre. The huge void that often reverberates on the expanse of solitude posses both the characteristics of virtues and vices. After coming thus far in despair, the silence may feel assuaging. The ebb of niggling thoughts finally dies over the sea of time and space. And it will give you a new lease on life. The scientific notion that space and time are intertwined as a fabric is astonishingly applicable to our metaphysical world. When I have space to grow, I will have time to think about bestowing life with its true purpose of attaining higher consciousness. It is in those hours of pulsating emotions when an opportunity from the divine to elevate strikes through a shabby soul. When nothing is working, nothing is working indeed. So hold on, take a breath, and close your eyes to paint the situation onto the broader canvas of life. And in the process, color all your emotions and pass them through a narrow slit to witness an emerging white light unfolding new dawn into your life.

Piecing together a ripped soul entangled in an emotional juggle is excruciatingly painful. The unweathered marks from unhealed wounds persist for you to realize how far you have come in the pursuit whenever you think of giving up. We often undermine the importance of morning rituals due to our latitude or whatever reason, whereas it plays a vital role in our positive mental conditioning. You have to make a choice once and have to manage it daily with self-discipline. In the end, it will be worth remembering all these struggles as a testament of the human will to rise above every time whenever cornered.