When you go sail on your will and instincts, all the dark energy awakens and make you realize at every moment, being realistic is more important than to dream. That said, you start doubting yourself and may detour. But believe me, just ask yourself and go with the flow. However, something which sounds obnoxious in the first place and doesn’t incite that gut feeling must be taken care of. But unleash yourself, walk through the lightest and darkest alleys, trust your instincts. Maybe the world will never accept you, or you may go wrong, but every time you lose yourself, you will find a home in your heart. 

It’s hard to believe for people that how you can be so right while being nurtured in a malicious, lusty, and materialistic world of short term pleasures. But remain what you are; people will rob your emotions, test your patience, and think whatnot. You should never stop believing in yourself and try to accommodate. If their heart has been tarnished and rubbed under the illusionary world of desires must not hold true for you. That, however, doesn’t mean you were untouched by the ethos of this world of showbiz. The world tried to steal a part of you, but every time you smacked on their face knowingly or unknowingly. Your soul has always been taken care of. As your desire for metaphysical expansion was so high that all the negative energy imbued in nothingness.