Writing therapy

How you feeling today ? 

Happy and in balance of emotions 

Good, how you measure happiness ? 

Well there is no anxiety, living every moment yeah

So you must be feeling satisfied now?


OK, do you feel the same way everyday?

(well now the unnerving question starts, digging deep)

Mmm, ummm, not everyday

So what you feel on those days?

Displeasure and dissatisfaction

But why, aren’t you happy with what you accomplished ?

I am happy

OK, if your happiness doesn’t hang on your materialistic achievements then you must be feeling satisfied, aren’t you?

Yes, but I want more 

So basically you set some goals in your mind and a feeling of its achievement makes you restless, right?

yes, yes ….

Well, growth and expansion is a natural process, it will come naturally if you focus on the task in hand.

Mmmm right, I know 

If you know then you are in gross negligence.

What, no!….really?

Yes, my friend, you are, sad but true, you have to remind yourself every day that you have this very moment where you have to live it at your best so be whatever task you are doing, immerse yourself, find that state of flow.

Anyway, suppose you have everything now that you dreamt of, how sure you will be completely happy and satisfied then?

Mmmm, tricky actually 

But why ? that should be the easiest one since this is what you were longing for. 

(Long silence…thinking in void) 

Let me phrase it for you, deep inside your heart you know the whole idea of amassing wealth is a hoax, you can be happy in nothing while can’t be happy with everything.

I believe yes, the time which is prevailing around the world is the best example where I have everything on which I can binge on but it sucks. I want to go around and visit the park in my neighborhood which I never did, I want to see life in reality as I am done with this virtual world. I want to walk barefoot on grass, feed animals rather than liking and commenting on posts. The pleasure of life lies in doing simple yet fundamental things of daily living. You should be having all the luxuries of life however, in the end, nothing will help your ailing mind and body to recuperate and finally, everything will boil down to your healthy and simple compassionate living with nature.