When you are on the verge of a boundary and about to leave the sky full of happiness and opportunities, the silhouette burns even brighter, asking you to make the most of the moment. But you have to project your vision to embrace the rainbow of your life however fleeting and faint it is. The life across the vibrant boundary of your imagination still throbs with the reminiscence of your desires and hope. It will eventually fade away with time, but it will take you to the destination of your choice, savour the journey.

Time flies when you are with the source of happiness, but it is a choice. Sometimes, we fell short of reckoning the moments of joy because we never lived it to the fullest and always dreaded about what if it ends? Nothing lasts forever, even our life; life is like a flower in a garland, moments pieced together. The world is round, and we are in the unknown journey that will cross numerous rainbows again and again. Just stay amazed!