In the pandemic era, I only see the eyes, and it too speaks — the soulful language. The good thing about this pandemic would sarcastically be an opportunity to play the favorite childhood game — hide and seek. You may hide your feelings but let someone seek it from your eyes. Naturally, you may find yourself in haywires as to whom to let steal from you.  As all, you see seemingly incomparable beauty around. And thus, the game begins, which will ask you to sail over the bubble of hope with perseverance to meet the true seeker with those gleaming passion.

Sometimes I feel like the masked face reveals the true identity of oneself. You may be what-not or in emotional turmoil. But when you disguise, your arms flail like a wing to fly. How many times have you anonymously complimented someone or someone’s work? It lifts off the heaviness of your heart and shuns all the exaggerated rationality. In some cases, according to the famous book The Lucifer Effect — the conditions that make us feel anonymous when we think that others do not know us or care to can foster antisocial, self-interested behaviors. So what your anonymity unveils?