You (Amit Kumar Singh) will always remain in the realm of my imagination, knitting around the fabrics of my echo space. You never gone, and will never leave this vast wilderness (universe). You left this material world, but your energy is around. You perished your mass in pursuit of chasing the speed of light to feel the preternatural sense of time in seconds for a typical human day. However, I am happy that you escaped the world of pain and suffering, which you never realised. And, I firmly believe you had superhuman capabilities. Though you knew you wouldn’t stay here for so long. The way you played in your ephemeral existence is inspirational when many weep on trivial issues shrugging off the fact that they are at least respiring healthily. 

I feel blessed that I had the privilege of being your roommate for four memorable years and almost a decade long friendship. You never took life damn serious and always believed in now as this very moment a gift so stop criticising for what you don’t have, and I admire this spirit. You had a rare heart problem, but you had a big and generous heart which is uncommon in this illusionary world of deceit. There is nothing permanent in this world, and our existence is so fragile, a sudden boom and gone. We are merely a speck of dust in this infinity. You never had luxury of time to live it so badly.

With you now gone, my determination to achieve what I dreamt of and that what I shared with you is getting stronger. And, your energy will propel me to do so. I remember when the world stood against me, you were there by my side standing shoulder to shoulder, trusting and, encouraging me.

Now, I will rest my words lest my throat gets sore and the heaviness of my emotions blur everything around. You were never gone, my dear friend…

(The author’s one of his best friends and a roommate unnaturally left this world on 15th January 2019, had he been alive he would have celebrated his birthday on 13th September)